Eytzinger and GoldCosmetica - A Commitment to Quality

Eyztinger and genuine gold share an illustrious history.

The Eytzinger gold beating factory was founded in 1867 in Nuremberg, Germany.

For thousands of years, genuine gold has been used to adorn the body.
Admired for its ability to remain unchanged and untarnished by time and environment, pure gold endures as the ultimate in luxury, and as a source of allure, romance, creativity and inspiration.
natural, authentic products for the cosmetic, salon and spa industries to create spectacular, high-value services and treatments.
A registered trademark of Eytzinger's beauty division, GoldCosmetica is a unique and new application, made especially for beauty.

Pure and Safe

GoldCosmetica products are free of animal, plant and synthetic additives and preservatives.
GoldCosmetica Leaves, Flakes, Powders and MicroMesh are made to the highest standards for cosmetic use and are amply tested and certified.
External laboratory testing confirms GoldCosmetica 24K Fine Gold Leaf improves skin behavior and appearance.

Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Our commitment to creating GoldCosmetica products with integrity is more than skin deep.
As the leader in gold leaf manufacture for decorative purposes and projects worldwide, Eytzinger champions conscientious procurement by using reclaimed gold whenever possible, and using gold from countries that uphold human rights.
Our commitment to ensure responsibly produced, impeccable cosmetic quality

Eytzinger stands for long experience and expertise in Gold Leaf production. Specialized manufacturing of 24 K Facial Treatment, Gold Powder and Gold Flakes.

Coming soon: Extra Fine Powder, 24 K Gold Body Treatment and Eye Pads 24 carat

Extra Fine Powder, 24 K Body Treatment und Information about these innovative products coming shortly ... we're excited. [more]