GoldCosmetica's advantages at a glance

Spa and beauty professionals, cosmetic manufacturers and wholesalers profit from GoldCosmetic's unique properties:

  • production in compliance with rules and regulations of cosmetic industry
  • annually third party certified for safety
  • excellent product safety certified by scientific institutes
  • continuing product development and testing
  • customer support for private labeling and product advice

and last but not least:

  • experience and reliabilty of a long-standing German cosmetic gold manufacturer

GoldCosmetica offers :

  • 24K Gold Facial and Body Mask  - rejuvenation and beauty
  • Nail & Body Tattoo - outstanding decorative gold designs
  • Gold Flakes and Powders - valuable and effective gold additives


GoldCosmetica - authentic cosmetic  gold  made exclusively in Germany 

The GoldCosmetica team looks forward to helping you contact.

Coming soon: Extra Fine Powder, 24 K Gold Body Treatment and Eye Pads 24 carat

Extra Fine Powder, 24 K Body Treatment und Information about these innovative products coming shortly ... we're excited. [more]