What are some of the benefits of the GoldCosmetica line of products for our customers and clients?

Gold leaf is easily one of the most romantic and empowering natural elements on earth. The transcendent color and palpable warmth of gold make it a uniquely inspiring beauty element.

When GoldCosmetica 24kt Fine Gold leaf is used in facial and body treatments, clients will emerge feeling radiant, energized and suffused with well-being.
GoldCosmetica?s 23kt Nail Care & Pedicure Gold Leaf, as well as Essentials Powders and Flakes for cosmetics create a unique feeling of glamour, self-confidence and excitement for your customers.    

GoldCosmetica products let them glow with the beauty of this natural product.

How will the use of GoldCosmetica enhance our offerings and sales?

GoldCosmetica is created with the expertise and integrity of one of Europe?s longest-standing and most innovative goldbeaters, J.G. Eytzinger GmbH.
We combine over 140 years of specialized knowledge with the capacity to work creatively as your partner. Our pure precious metal and alloyed products are designed to give you peak performance and outstanding value, even when used in modest amounts according to the specific guidelines we?ve developed.

Using GoldCosmetica to boost your products quickly elevates you to the highest tier of innovative luxury product providers.

Can we work together to create a line of private label products for our company?

Eytzinger?s team of dedicated customer service and technical staff is eager to help you create a special line of products using GoldCosmetica 24kt Fine Gold Leaf for Facial & Body Treatments, 23kt Nail Care & Pedicure, and Essentials Flakes and Powders.

Using GoldCosmetica is a brilliant and cost-effective way to extend your brand and your reach in the cosmetic and beauty treatment markets.

What makes GoldCosmetica the product of choice for beauty treatments, and can other gold leaf products be used instead?

GoldCosmetica products are made according to the highest national, international and cosmetic industry standards. GoldCosmetica leaf, powders and flakes are hygienically manufactured and packaged.All undergo special production processes separate from and in addition to traditional goldbeating methods, and are certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). While Eyztinger manufactures many other gold leaf products, we recommend only our GoldCosmetica line for all your cosmetic and beauty needs.

As Germany?s first goldbeater to be registered as a beauty products manufacturer, third-party dermatological testing and certification of our products ensures that you are receiving the highest quality gold cosmetic products.

How can we use GoldCosmetica to spark and follow fashion and beauty trends?

Gold leaf has the magical ability to join color and light together.                
You can use the power of this elemental beauty to create a lush, vibrant palette for your cosmetic offerings. Our innovative Essentials Flakes and Powders come in a series of blends that allow you to create with confidence. Whether the forecast is for dark midnight blues, calm, earthy neutrals, romantic pastels or daring brights, you have a set of poetic and powerful colors at your fingertips.

Additionally, our gold products range from cool to warm to hot, enabling you to design alluring cosmetics for different skin tones, cultures, genders and age groups.

Are all GoldCosmetica products approved for dermatological use?

We insist on earning this approval to ensure the safety of our products. GoldCosmetica product quality and skin compatibility are tested and approved by the SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH of Tanusstein, Germany, a laboratory with over 155 years? experience, using human skin patch tests. In non-hypersensitive individuals, no adverse reaction was found after 48 hours of leaf application to the skin.

Can we use the genuine gold leaf found in art and craft shops for beauty?

We recommend only the use of GoldCosmetica certified products for use on the skin. This way you can be assured of using tested, non-allergenic, hygienically produced and packaged gold leaf. Art and craft quality genuine and imitation gold leaf is designed for projects, not for use on skin. Through our GoldCreative line, we offer a full line of imitation gold leaf and metal leaf for the craft and hobby industry.

Is 24 karat the highest available grade of gold leaf?

Yes, 24 karat is 100% genuine, unalloyed gold.
Any microscopic impurities are negligible. The addition of silver to make 23kt or 23.5kt enables us to create other pleasing colors, and to strengthen the soft gold leaf to create other leaf, flake and powder products.

Please see the term karat in our Glossary for further information.

What does the number ?500? indicate?

Purity of gold or silver leaf may also be expressed in parts of 1,000. White Gold 500 indicates a product that is 50% gold; when converted to karats this is 12kt gold leaf. Other numbers in the Essentials line follow this system: Light Yellow 834 (834 parts per 1000 parts gold), Tawny Gold 889, Deep Gold 955, Warm Gold 975, Dark Gold 985, and Silver 999.

Are GoldCosmetica Gold Leaf products edible?

For glamorous additions to food and beverages we recommend our GoldGourmet line of edible 23kt and genuine silver products. While both lines undergo nearly identical production processes and are free from any toxic substances or preservatives, GoldGourmet products are identified by the European Commission?s numbering system as E174 (silver leaf) and E175 (gold leaf) and regulated by the food industry.

Gold Flakes and Powders in 24 karats - are these reliable?

The extremely thin 24kt gold leaf beaten for GoldCosmetica s is so soft and malleable that it not possible to further minimize the leaf into smaller particles of Leaf and Powders.

The lack of other strengthening metals means that 24kt in smaller particles would simple disintegrate and fold in on itself, making it not only impractical to manufacture, but impossible to use.

Neither special technology nor advanced methods can supercede this inherent behavior of ultra-soft pure 24kt gold.

As the leading producer of cosmetic gold, Eyztinger strongly cautions consumers to be wary of companies offering 24 karat gold Flakes and Powders without legitimate certification.

Is gold leaf recommended for use in eye shadow?

While free from impurities, the fineness of our GoldCosmetica leaf is 0.0001mm or 1/10 of one micron. These fine particles can induce teardrops and take considerable flushing by the eye itself or by water to remove. Therefore, we recommend working with our gold leaf in an encapsulated, sealed form for any products to be used in the eye/brow area.

Is genuine gold leaf soluble in beauty products?

No, pure gold leaf is not generally soluble. Instead, gold leaf particles, flakes or powders can be suspended in a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty products.

Why does gold leaf disintegrate and disappear during a massage?

With a fine structure like a web, gold leaf is soft and delicate. This web breaks down easily and quickly during the massage process. For maximum benefit, we recommend allowing the 24kt Fine Gold Leaf to rest on the skin for a short period during the massage treatment, so it will further warm the skin.

A proficient masseuse will also be able to allow some of the gold particles to remain on the skin (but not near the eye area) after cleansing, for a beautiful after-glow.

Is the ?best before/use by? date important for gold leaf?

GoldCosmetica 24 kt Fine Gold Leaf and 23kt Gold Leaf are made in patent form, meaning each leaf is pressed to its own cosmetic tissue carrier paper. Over time, adhesion to the paper may be reduced or lost. Patent leaf should be kept in normal room temperature and humidity. If adhesion is lost, it may be possible to re-press the leaf by putting a flat weight over it.

Gold leaf is so soft, is there a chance it can melt onto skin?


Rigorous in-house training for effective gold skin care for spa and cosmetics manufacturers.              
Outstanding cosmetic standards, made in Germany.

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