Pure Cosmetic Gold Flakes & Powders  - Gold Additives for cosmetic industry

GoldCosmetica provides a wide product range with Gold Flakes, Powders and MicroMesh which combine with almost every cosmetic product ( creames, lotions, bubble bath ... )

All products are dermatolocially tested and clinical approved - saftey and benefits
of an original German product manufactured according K-GMP.

Product information at a glance:

Specially formulated cosmetic gold for industrial processing

available as






Gold 500

Gold 834

Gold 889

Gold 955

Gold 975

Gold 985

Silver 999

Components Gold 500 indicates a product that is 50% gold.

Other numbers in the line follow this system.

Genuine Gold Powders, Flakes and MicroMesh

Products Specifications

  • Powder

particle size

No 7


≤600 microns

No 8

≤425 microns

No 9

≤400 microns

  • Flakes

particle size

No 5


≤2,5 mm

No 6

≤1,0 mm

Additional sizes on request.

  • MicroMesh

particle size

No 0

≤130 mm diameter

Additional sizes on request.

Our well trained expert team support you in finding the appropriate product  contact.

Value for your cosmetics

Upgrade your cosmetics with luxury and efficacy for skin with GoldCosmeticas ...

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Flakes and Powders.

Only i.g. 10 - 15 grams of our gold flakes or powders are needed to upgrade 1000 kilos of cream.

Remarkably, GoldCosmetica s Powders and Flakes are surprisingly cost - effective.  

The end product can be marketed and perceived as a truly luxurious, high - value cosmetics  with proven positive skin effects.
safety in gold cosmetics

Benefits for the skin

Recent testing by the prestigious Swiss Skin Test Institute shows the spectacular ...

Safety cosmetic gold and silver

GoldCosmetica Flakes and Powders are free of nano particles and animal testing.

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Moreover free of vegetal extracts, chemical and mineral impurities, biotechnological additives, preservatives and provides saftey for you and your customer.

Our cosmetic gold leaf production techniques are annually third party certified to ensure adherence to Cosmetic-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

A COA (Certificate of Analysis) is provided for all deliveries of our original Cosmetic Gold Flakes , Gold Powders, Silver Flakes ,  Silver powders. GoldCosmetica Essentials Gold Leaf Flakes and Gold Powders are REACH-compliant, and REACH pre-registration has been completed.J.G. Eytzinger and its GoldCosmetica products are mindful of environmental care, and committed to rigorous standards of product safety and consumer health. 
Safety in gold cosmetics

Customers information and support

For minimum order we require only 5 grams per alloy. Lead time -

Formulation and Recommendations

Only 10 - 15 grams of Flakes or Powders for 1000 kilos cream are needed

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to create an outstanding and spectacular upgrated cosmetic product.      
Standard Gold and Silver Flakes particle size is 2,5 mm. Standard particle size Gold and Silver Powder is 600 microns .  Moreover a range of customs sizes available from 9,5 mm to 400 microns.  Only 10 - 15 grams for i.g. 1000 kilos cream is needed to create an  outstanding spectacular new product .  GoldCosmetica Flakes and Powders are made from 24 K Gold combined with small amounts of silver and /or copper - these are the sole ingredients to create our six different beautiful and healthfully gold alloys.

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Processing Cosmetic Gold Flakes and Powders

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(1/10 micron) thinness, and then processed into GoldCosmetica Flakes and finally into GoldCosmetica Powders.

Our special formulated gold is decidated to the delicate requirements of the cosmetic industry and meets the highest quality standards. 

This gives cosmetics producers the finest possible cosmetic gold additives with integrity that are easy to measure and deliver into a specialty cosmetic product.


Cosmetic Silver Flakes, Powders and MicroMesh

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range provides specially produced, safe and healthful Silver Essentials. 
Full details are available by contacting our customer service team.


Authentic German Product

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exclusively and provide you and your customer saftey and effectiveness guaranteed by permanent in- house training, product development and last but not least the entire backround  of a modern cosmetic gold production . 


Delicate, cosmetic Gold Leaf is transformed into Flakes and Powders for creams, lotions, gels, bubble bath, oils.              
Gold Essentials - valuable ingredients for cosmetic manufacturers.

Coming soon: Extra Fine Powder, 24 K Gold Body Treatment and Eye Pads 24 carat

Extra Fine Powder, 24 K Body Treatment und Information about these innovative products coming shortly ... we're excited. [more]