Cosmetic Gold Nail Tattoo and Gold Nail Care

Exquisite Beauty and Decoration for your finger tips

GoldCosmetica provides an excellent product range of Genuine Gold Tattoos for Nail decoration and Genuine Gold Leaf for Nail Care to meet to meet individual customers desires.  This programme is available exclusively to cosmetic and beauty wholesalers and to the salon and spa trade.  Private labeling and realisation of customers designs on request.   

All products are dermatolocially tested and approved - saftey of an original German cosmetic product. 
Especially developed for easy handling and spectacular effects for your fingers.

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Outstanding Gold Tattoos for your nails:    
single units of 3 identical design,  6 mm or 12x18 mm sizes    
made from 23 K (Gold 955) or 12 K (Gold 500) GoldCosmetica cosmetic gold leaves.   
also available  : single units of 25 identical design, 6 mm or 12 x 18 mm sizes      
Custom packaging and private labeling are available.        

art. 052 95 gold 
art. 052 50 white gold 
size 12 x 18 mm

art. 102 95 gold
art. 102 50 white gold
size 6 mm

art. 171 95 gold
art. 171 50 white gold
size 6mm

art. 131 95 gold 
art. 131 50 white gold 
size 6 mm

art. 121 95 gold
art. 121 50 white gold
size 6 mm

art. 111 95 gold
art. 111 50 white gold
size 6 mm


Solid covering gold squares for manicure and pedicure :    
single units of 12 gold nail care leaves,  21 x 21 mm size   
made from 23 K ( Gold 955 )  or 12 K ( Gold 500 ) GoldCosmetica cosmetic gold leaves.    
art. K955UK2112 / 12 leaves / 23 K gold
art. K500UK2112 / 12 leaves / 12 K white Gold
art. K955B21 / Box 120 leaves / 23 K gold

also available: boxes containing 10 single units with 12 cosmetic gold leaves     
made from 23 K (Gold 955)  cosmetic gold leaves.

Solid-covering square leaves of gold to apply over entire nail bed
Easy to use with nail lacquer of choice

Lead Time - depends on order volume, but generally within a few working days, due to our continuous year-round production.          

For urgent orders, we can send partial shipments.

Like all GoldCosmetica products, our Gold Leaf Body Tattoos are the finest European cosmetic gold leaf body applications, produced in Germany exclusively produced by J.G. Eytzinger GmbH.      

Safety and Performance

Our entire program is dermatologically approved and free from animal testing and free of nano particles.

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No vegetal extracts, chemical or mineral impurities, biotechnical additives or preservatives are added.

Our production techniques for the sensible cosmetic requirements are annually third party certified to ensure adherence to to Cosmetic -GMP ( Goood Manufacturing Practice ).

J.G. Eytzinger and its GoldCosmetica products are mindful of environmental care, and committed to rigorous standards of product safety and consumer health.

 Safety in gold cosmetics

How to use and enjoy Nail Tattoos

Our Nail Tattoos are mounted on a special transparent foil and can be easily applied to your approved nail coat.

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A further topcoat of transparent nail lacquer is recommended to protect the gold design on your nails.

How to use and enjoy Nail Care

Our square gold 23 K for nail manicure and pedicure is paper-mounted and can easily applied to your approved nail coat.

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A further topcoat of transparent nail lacquer is recommended to protect 23 K gold leaf sqares on your nails.

Potential and Service for cosmetic providers

GoldCosmetica Gold Tattoos can be added alongside i.g. nail coats to create exceptional value-addded products.

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As with all GoldCosmetica products, custom packaging and private labeling are available.

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Processing Gold Tattoos and Nail Care

23 K Gold and 12 K Gold for cosmetic purposes is transformed into malleable gold leaves of  0,0001 mm (1/10 micron) thinness.

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These gold leaves will be tailored into designs and squares for the delicate and high quality standards of cosmetic professionals.


Authentic German Product

GoldCosmetica is developed and produced in Germany by J.G. Eytzinger GmbH

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exclusively and guarantee saftey and efficacy by permanent in-house training, product development and last but not least the entire backround of a modern cosmetic production.

GoldCosmetica is an authentic product made by the leader of gold and silver in cosmetics with long standing experience.


Outstanding genuine Gold Leaf designs for nail decoration. Easy to use with nail polish.             
Private labeling on request.

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